Austin // 22 // Arizona
NSFW 18+ Only please
Anonymous: What's the oldest you'd date 

I’m not too picky with age, so long as you’re not like a decade older. Honestly it would be nice top date someone who’s kinda got their life together.

Anonymous: I bet your naked under those clothes 

OoooOoOOoooOoOooo caught me

Anonymous: You never snapped me back 

Bc ugly

Anonymous: i want to fuck you can i please fuck you 

I really don’t have sex all that much do Idk

Anonymous: You asked us how many people we've slept with shouldn't we know how many for you?😮 

Oops that was a question someone asked me and I put less than ten, but apparently it didn’t show up so it just shows up as Text post on mobile

Anonymous: A friend of mine and I decided to be friends with benefits. I gave him a blow job and it was the first time I ever did that. I feel really shitty now for deciding this. I don't really like him all that much and I just feel dirty. Any advice? 

Be open an honest about it, I wouldn’t feel dirty about it though. It’s not like you did anything wrong.

Anonymous: Seriously how many Pple have you slept with 

I was being serious, why do you need an exact number, do you want names and addresses too holy heck.

Anonymous: 1 and he fucking ruined me 


Anonymous: how many people have you slept with? 
Anonymous: your blog has helped me to realize that i'm not straight thaNK YOU FOR THAT (i'm a girl) 

I know, girls are so hot like what the fuck.